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The Our Catholic Prayers Podcast Page features audio versions of pages from our website as well as podcasts about various aspects of our wonderful faith. We hope these can help you in your journey with Our Lord and Our Lady if you're Catholic. And if you're not, feel free to explore what makes Catholicism very special, both here and on our website!


Jan 7, 2022

Are you thinking of New Year’s resolutions these days? Make one of them letting God enhance your Spiritual life! The transcription for this Podcast can be found at


A Morning Offering

Evening Prayers

A Scriptural Rosary

St. Therese's Little Way

Reading Lists: (These are rather extensive, but make good reference points for finding some great books on Catholicism. You can always Google the titles for more information. A few of these books are available on Amazon in Kindle editions at very low prices as well.)

 From Catholic Answers

 Brandon Vogt's Reading List

Good Introductions to our Faith:

 Our Page of Links to Tracts from Catholic Answers

 Why I Am Catholic and You Should Be Too, by Brandon Vogt

 Why We're Catholic: Our Reasons for Faith, Hope, and Love, by Trent   Horn

 The Baltimore Catechism

 The Catechism of the Catholic Church, Compendium

A Suggested Kind of Table Mentioned in this Podcast

WEEK OF: 1/1                1/8               1/15

PRAYERS  15 min.       20 min.      25 min.

ROSARY    2 rosaries  3 rosaries 4 rosaries

READING  30 min.       35 min.      40 min.